Getac A790 | New Rugged Military Laptop

Getac A790 is the best choice for those working under harsh environmental conditions. No wonder it is labeled rugged laptop by its manufacturers.What makes this rugged notebook stand out from the pack is its X bay expandability option. The X bay can accommodate a number of components through way of plug-and-play.

The high performance laptop is water resistant and certified. It was designed mainly to be used in military rather than in industrial fields. Its subdued grey color paint was used especially for this reason. This rugged computer has operating systems like Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP Professional. Its hardware features are mentioned below:

  • 1.66GHz processor
  • Intel core Duo
  • 250GB hard drive
  • 13.3” XGA screen
  • 2GB to 8 GB RAM

Getac_A790 NBB-GTC-A790_G2

This military laptop consists of BIOS Compatible Computrace, Nero 8, Abode Reader and other software applications. The software application BIOS Compatible Computrace lets you keep a track of this high performance laptop even from a distance. You have a choice of opting for a fingerprint scanner if you wish to add a little more security to this rugged laptop.

This military laptop comes with a five year warranty that includes manufacturing and material fault in it.

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